Central Bark Jacksonville 1 Year Anniversary!

Bring your dog to Central Bark Jacksonville and celebrate with us! Fill out the form below for a FREE day of doggy day care and one enrichment session!

Wondering what an enrichment session is?

One-on-One Enrichment* sessions give your dog the freedom to safely explore their natural senses with their own Enrichment Specialist. They’ll get the personal attention they love, supplemented with interactive toys, puzzles and games that exercise their body and mind. They can also level up their skills with fitness training and agility exercises if they’re ready for more.

What are my options?

Activities are fully personalized to each dog’s individual needs and preferences.

  • Brain Games & Puzzles – Stimulate your dog mentally and physically by using their natural senses to search out hidden treats, scents or squeakers.
  • Fetch & Retrieval Games – A fun way to help your dog burn extra energy and practice behavioral skills.

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